Why we LOVE Trello (and a quick start guide so you can love Trello too!)

Why we love Trello

What is Trello?

Trello is a productivity tool that can seriously whip your life into shape in no time! Technically speaking, Trello is a space that holds “boards”. Each board can hold lists and you can cards into your lists. That was a lot! Basically, Trello makes sure there is a place for everything!

Why We Love Trello and How Get Quickly Get Started | Small Business Productivity Tools & Systems | Moi & Toi

How can you use Trello?

We’ve found uses for Trello in almost every area of our lives! We use it collectively for M&T with various boards for areas such as editorial calendars and course content creation (and everything in between!). We also use it for our individual photography businesses, personal life, and here’s the big one- when we PCS!

Trello keeps us organized when we PCS our life and business through various boards! It’s so amazing to have checklists all in one place as well as a handy app that when someone mentions a tip we can quickly notate it in Trello instead of remembering too late (you know, after you make the mistake).

Why We Love Trello | Business productivity and life organization in one app | Moi & Toi | Creative Small Business

Why we LOVE Trello!

Trello keeps us organized

Having a two person business isn’t as easy as it seems. You don’t want to micromanage each other and ask for check offs with every little thing, but communication is key right? Trello makes it easy to manage that fine line! All of our important tasks go into Trello so we can see what has been done and what hasn’t so we can keep each other accountable. Also important dates! Not to mention we can ‘@’ each other if something needs the others attention. In short? It keeps us organized!

Trello is easy to use

It didn’t take long to get the hang of using Trello, and that’s a really important thing when we are juggling about a million systems as creative small business owners. There are 3 key things you need to know about Trello: boards, lists, and cards. Everything else is the cherry on top.

If you can grasp the concept of those 3 things you’ve got your Trello foundation down and are ready to be productive!

Trello has integrations

You read that right! Integrate Trello with a number of other applications either within Trello itself or through a third party. No matter how you accomplish it, it can be so nice to have cards and lists automatically made for you!

Trello also has the ability to integrate with your calendar! Any due dates you set in Trello automatically appear on your Google Calendar- which we absolutely swear by.

Trello’s integrations are limitless and very dependent upon what your creative small business is and how you’d like to use the system.

Get started with Trello!

Grab our quick start guide and become more productive in an afternoon! (Seriously, it’s that easy to set up and start using!)

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