SEO Blog Strategy: How to Leverage Your Blog for Your New Location

Leverage Your Blog for a New Location

We’ve covered SEO mistakes your making and the easy fixes to get your blog on track. Now it’s time to talk SEO strategy for moving your business! Google can play a big role in seamlessly transitioning your business to a new location. It just takes a little bit of planning and ensuring your blog is handing Google what it wants on a silver platter. Implement SEO blog strategy and get your business noticed in your new location!

SEO Blog Strategy: How to Leverage Your Blog for your New Location

3 Blog Post SEO Strategies to Move Your Business

#1 Write Blog Posts Catering to Your New Location

This is an easy strategy that can make you more visible in your new area! Plan out blog posts to be sprinkled in with your current editorial calendar that highlight your new location. It’s okay if you’ve never been to the location. Use that to your advantage!

Here are some ideas on blog posts about your new location:

• 5 things you’re excited to do or see at your new location

• People you are going to reach out to network with and why you’re excited to meet them

• An official announcement about your move and what that means for ‘old’ and ‘new’ clients

The list could go on!

#2 Use Location Based Tags on Your Blog Posts

Let’s start off with this: Google is smart. Let that sink in. Remember, a big mistake creative small business owners make with SEO is using blog tags like hashtags. So we aren’t going to do that!

Making sure your location based tags are relevant and accurate for the blog post you are tagging is key! If you wrote a blog post on creating florals for an event in Tampa, Florida you wouldn’t tag it ‘Chicago Floral Design’. It would be inaccurate and Google is smart!

#3 Geotag Your Photos

In every photo there is a section called ‘Metadata’. This data is information about the photo, copyright, and where the photo was taken.

It’s always wise to add your copyright data to the metadata if they are your photos. When trying to target a specific location it’s smart to add location data- it helps Google put the pieces of the puzzle together!

If you don’t have images of your new location from your own personal travels reach out to friends to see if they have photos that they would be willing to let you use on your blog with credit. If you don’t have friends with photos of your new location look for stock photos.

You can check the metadata on those photos and see if there is location information, if not, add it! Never add your name to the copyright information if it’s not your photo- but no harm in adding a location if you know where the photo was taken!

Go forth and SEO!

Using these three strategies on your blog will increase your SEO power for moving you business to your new location! Have questions? Ask us in the comments! We can’t wait to hear how these SEO strategies help relocating your business!

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