Pinterest Strategy: PCS & Pinterest | How to make your PCS Successful!

Pinterest Strategy to Make Your PCS a Success

So! You’ve dusted off that Pinterest account from years ago that you might have forgotten about (guilty) and you’re ready to monetize it! Get it, girl!

Or maybe you’re thinking, “Um, I use Pinterest EVERY DAY. Do you see my recipes?!” Yeah, girl- I see them! That’s awesome! But are you ready to use Pinterest for your PCS?! (Don’t worry, you can keep your recipes!)

Let’s dive in!

Pinterest Strategy to Make Your PCS a Success | Pinterest Strategy | Social Media Strategy for Creative Small Businesses | Moi & Toi

3 Reasons Pinterest will make your upcoming PCS smoother

1. Pinterest doesn’t care about your location!

Unlike other social networks (cough, cough Facebook) Pinterest cares not about your address! Meaning you’re networking with and advertising to (potentially) the entire world. That’s great news for us Creative Small Business folks. You may be located in Washington, D.C. but someone from Palm Beach, California can easily see your Pin and RePin if they are interested. (Remember that for later on in the post.)

2. Pinterest is predictable!

First, we lost the battle with Facebook Business Pages and don’t throw rocks at me, but it feels like we are losing with Instagram too. Pinterest however (until recently) did not have an in-depth algorithm which was great for businesses! They were not penalized or seen less among followers feeds- businesses were treated like ‘regular users’. In 2018 there will be some changes, but the changes being made are not bad changes. If you have credibility, attractive pins, and consistent activity you will be rewarded!

3. Pinterest is easy to put on Autopilot!

We love automation! We believe it is imperative for one woman shows like our Creative Small Businesses. So being able to automate one more aspect? We love it! We use and love Tailwind! We use Tailwind once a week to Pin and RePin- so yes, we put in batch work, but it’s oh so worth it not to interrupt our daily work with Pinterest. Because, hello, it’s hella easy to get sidetracked on there! 

3 Ways to Put Pinterest to Work

1. Get Intentional

We use hashtags for Instagram and now Facebook, but Pinterest is a search engine. So it uses words from your description- no hashtag necessary. Make sure you descriptions are rich in keywords AND relatable enough to entice folks to RePin.

Also be intentional with the content you are Pinning and RePining. You should be Pinning content that is about moving- not an overwhelming amount. But pique the interest of those that follow you! They might dive into see where you are moving to (Internet stalking is fun, y’all. Let’s admit that people love it, embrace it, and market to it!)

In your descriptions of your moving related pin and your industry content related pins you should be name dropping the area you will be moving to! Are there a lot of ‘sub neighborhoods’ you can be marketing to? Swap through all of them! Let people know you exist there!

Are you still willing to travel back to you old location (i.e. still have family there and go back from time to time)? Keep mentioning that city or area in your posts as well!

2. Tell people you’re on Pinterest!

This is an easy one to forget about. We give out our Instagram handle and Facebook name like crazy, but we usually forget about Pinterest. When you’re meeting with potential clients, clients, friends, family, and random baristas you need to be telling them what amazing content you share over on Pinterest!

“You love cooking too?! You should see the recipes I’ve gathered through the years! They are all on my Pinterest and I bet you would love to try some of them” “Oh you’re wedding planning? I have a Pinterest board that would make your life SO much easier right now! Let me add you from the app so you can find it later!” “I totally get it! Picking out a newborn photography set up and color scheme is really hard to envision- why don’t you check out my Pinterest board to see my past scenes so you can get an idea for your babe?”

These are ALL great suggestions! Pinterest is a tool to assist other people in “insert your service here”. Utilize it! But don’t forget to tell people about it!

3. Check out your Pinterest Analytics

First off, ensure you have a Pinterest Business account (trust us, you’ll be thanking us later).  You can see detailed demographics on who is RePinning your content! What gender are they? What age group do they fall under? Where do they live?

See if you are targeting the people you want to be targeting! Your Pinterest Analytics (and any social analytics) should be lining up with your ideal client. If they aren’t you need to sit down and brainstorm why! Are you pinning too many baby things and your ideal client doesn’t have a baby? Not trying to hide your motherhood, but consider making that board private until you can get your demographics back on track! 

We both have used Pinterest to grow our businesses! We can check our Google Analytics for Moi & Toi as well as our photography businesses and see hard data on just how much traffic Pinterest is bringing us! And Pinterest is more than just growing your business, it’s letting your audience know that you’re PCSing in a subtle, but effective and reinforcing way.

Have questions? Leave us a comment or shoot us an email! We love to help!


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