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5 Mindsets That Are Holding You Back From Success

5 Mindsets Holding You Back From Success | Moi & Toi | Creative Small Business Mentor

Brittany had a fear of success AND a skewed financial mindset. Her business had stunted growth until she addressed those issues and verbally (yes, out loud) called out her flawed thinking. Yep- that might be unpopular, but we said FLAWED!

Alicia’s flawed mindset was over-educating and NOT implementing. She was stuck in a continuous education cycle and wasn’t actually implementing the new things she’d been learning.

We get it- everyone has their own thoughts, opinions, and mindset. We’re not trying to get us all to agree on one way is the best way. But we know from working with creative small business owners that there are certain mindsets that are holding you back and decreasing your potential!

So! We’re going to give you an out. If you don’t want to grow your business if you don’t want to be the CEO of a profitable and efficient business if you don’t want to break through your highest of goals- click that little X button in the top left corner.

Welcome! We’re SO happy that you’re sticking around and willing to do the work to unlock your full potential as a human and as a lady boss CEO!

First, let’s outline mindsets holding you back!

#1 Fear of failure

This is a BIG one! “But what if it doesn’t work”. If it doesn’t work we have after post strategy analysis and reports and we find out why! We do the work evaluating the good and the bad on each project, each ad campaign, each blog post- each whatever it is that ‘failed’! And then we tweak and try again. It’s trial and error! But it’s educated trials after well thought on errors.

#2 Fear of success

Fear of success?! Who wouldn’t want success?! Well, hear us out. Brittany was worried about her business taking over her whole life. If it was successful it would require MORE work and less time with her family. She was struggling with the thought of an overwhelming workload and losing out on the balance she craved and NEEDED as a creative. But she realized that outsourcing was the answer! As he business grew, she was able to delegate and get back some of that time and space that she craved!

#3 The holding yourself back because of the what-ifs mindset

This is such a no-no! These are the folks that aren’t putting their all into a business or project because they’re going to move soon or they think there will be another big life change. You and your business can adapt! Don’t let future events deter your success NOW! If you’re military, things change almost daily it seems like. Don’t make plan A, B, C, D and let those potential plans stop you from going for it now! Make a business plan based on your situation now and adapt it as you have reputable and certain information (like PCS orders!).

#4 Over educating

Alicia used to be 100% guilty of this problematic mindset! She would research a topic for months and months before implementing it in her own business. While we think you should certainly research topics sometimes the best results and learning opportunities come from DOING THE THING! When she was preparing to start Facebook Ads she researched and absorbed information for A YEAR before she created her first ad campaign! Wanna hear the irony? Facebooks ads change every few months, much less a year. She was doing herself a disservice by over-educating myself and not just jumping in!  She most likely lost out on clients and scaling opportunities because of this mindset.

#5 Seeing problems as problems

Well, duh. Problems ARE problems! Listen, you’re a CEO now, right? You need to see problems as opportunities. You need to take pessimistic attitudes and make them optimistic. We’re not saying not to have a day that you’re down on yourself or your company, but the next day? You better have slept it off and know that those days just happen- but that’s not you and if you’re going to be successful that can’t be your everyday. Depending on what your business is, problems can actually become marketing opportunities or new products! It’s all about the mindset which you see the problem in!

Other problematic mindsets holding you back

Approval seeker: If you constantly feel like someone has to “like” what you’re doing to make it a valid business or idea…girl, it’s time to woman up. Own your business and ideas. Constantly seeking approval and acceptance of others is the best way to ensure your business moves nowhere fast. It’s fine to run ideas by people you trust, but at the end of the day, if you’re passionate enough and work hard enough you can achieve your goals! Become your own cheerleader and keep grinding!

Complaining rather than taking action (kinda goes with seeing problems as problems): It’s easy to sit around and point fingers at why X, Y, and Z were successful and you aren’t. And we’ve all been there before. Sometimes people get lucky breaks in life. But sometimes people are tenacious and give it everything they’ve got to achieve their goals. It’s easy to be an armchair expert, but your business will benefit more if you go out and start DOING instead of staying in and complaining.

The “it’s already been done” attitude: There isn’t a single business person out there who hasn’t had the same idea as someone else. No one has yet to reinvent the wheel! Just because something has already been done, doesn’t mean you can’t do it…and do it better! Just look at Ford? Sure they had innovation and invention on their side. But are they the only car manufacturers in the world today? NOPE! There’s Toyota, Chevrolet, Honda, Maserati…and the list goes on! If you have a fresh take on an old idea or think there isn’t room for you to be successful in your industry (cause it’s already packed with leaders) it’s time for you to dispel the myth that success is finite and reach out and grab some for yourself!

With so many mindsets that could hold you back it’s hard, but take it from us- working on these mindsets is SO beneficial if not crucial to your business (we’d argue it’s crucial).

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