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Overseas Military Woes

Chances are if you remain associated with the military for a few decades, you’ll be moved overseas at some point. Speaking from personal experience, living overseas was one of the most exciting moments! Exploring new cultures, trying new food, traveling to all the foreign places that I’d only read about in books and magazines; it was an absolute dream come true!

But with every dream come true, there are some realities that make day-to-day life a little less glamorous. One of those things was mail.

In the states, we had Amazon Prime (can we get an AMEN!). We were used to ordering something and having it show up in mere hours and at most, 2 days! That convenience was sorely missed when we moved to Europe!

Then there’s the difference in mail delivery. USPS Priority Mail is the ONLY shipment method that will get to your APO box within a week or more accurately, 5-7 business days. And we hate to tell ya- but a week is your new 2 days. Womp womp. But hey- Europe has castles! (Pretty much EVERY overseas location has fun things for you to see and do!)

Anything less than USPS Priority Mail gets popped on a boat and now has to travel across the Atlantic to get to you within 6-8 weeks. What travels by boat? USPS Media mail, FedEx, UPS, and USPS First Class. And in our experience, USPS Priority Express doesn’t come quicker than Priority- so save your cash money!

Once we learned that, we quickly emailed every seller we purchased from to request to pay for USPS Priority Shipping. Some would say yes, and some would say that it wasn’t possible. Again- womp womp.

We found a solution! Enter APOBox

It wasn’t until Alicia told me about APOBox that I learned, there was another way! It’s is a mail forwarding service- and an excellent one at that! They give you an address with them and then you ship your order (that you couldn’t upgrade to priority shipping) directly to them. Once they receive the item, they send it to you, Priority style (because they know that’s the only way for you to get mail in a semi-decent time frame!)

Their fee depends on the box size as well as the insurance protection that you’ve purchased. It can get pricey, but that all depends on whether or not you REALLY want that item to get to you quickly or if you’re fine with waiting. And there are some items I simply can’t wait 8 weeks for!

Also, there are some items that sellers won’t ship certain items to an APO address. This mainly happens when a company exclusively works with FedEx and UPS and if the item is too big to qualify for shipment methods where they transfer the package to USPS (by boat). So that leaves you with no option to get the item… Enter APOBox!

It’s a great option for military families overseas and it’s a veteran run business!! And here at M&T, we are ALL about customer service! So rest assured, any business we personally recommend has ah-mazing customer service! APOBox is no exception!

Brittany here with a quick story: Once upon a time I  accidentally placed an order with a company, emailed them immediately to cancel it, and they said they’d give me a refund, but it was too late to cancel the shipment. Well, they had my APO forwarding address to APOBox and I really didn’t want to pay for forwarding shipping on something I didn’t want nor need. So I emailed APOBox and explained the situation, asking if they’d be willing to refuse the package. They were happy to comply and very understanding of my predicament. Something I thought would be a total nightmare, turned out to be a complete dream!

So if you find yourself PCS-ing overseas, don’t forget about APOBOX.com! Tell them “Hi” for us!

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