To unlock your success

You've attended webinars, purchased educational courses, put in your first name and email for ALL the free resources, but now? 

Now you're ready to commit and deep dive into your very own business and situations with not one but two professionals ready to cater the education just for you. 

And this isn't just us throwing a to-do list at you. This is us listening to where you are and where you want to be so the three of us can work closely together to figure out a detailed plan to get you there.

Your success, however you define that, is our number one goal. So dream big!

And what about after that plan? We are here for you. We know that accountability is key and it's not going to do you any good for us to devise a plan catered to you and your business then disappear.

So, what exactly does a 2:1 mentorship mean and what do you get?

• 1 interview style video chat with Alicia & Brittany

• A detailed action plan to get you on the right path

• Weekly check-ins via email in which we will request progress reports

• 2 follow up video chats with Alicia & Brittany

Behind the scenes, we will discuss your unique business, location, life situation, and goals to offer you the very best advice and plans based on your personality type and definition of success!

Not ready for 2:1 mentoring?

these resources can get you started!