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5 Essentials Oils That’ll Ease Your PCS Stress

Have you heard about essential oils? Brittany has been a long time fan of them (hello, she’s the natural products queen!), but Alicia? She just started using them nearly a year ago and they have had a HUGE impact on her life! So today, we want to step away from business for just a moment and give you some essential oils that will calm you down in the toughest of times!

Essential Oils That'll Ease Your PCS Stress | Essential Oils for PCS | Moi & Toi

#1 Lavender

Even if you don’t really know much about essential oils, you’ve probably heard of how relaxing lavender is. It’s used in all sorts of products, but lavender, when diffused solely and purely, can be life changing! Alicia sprays lavender on her pillow each night and it works wonders. She won’t lie and tell you that her sleep insomnia is cured, but when she forgets to spray her lavender essential oil it takes her hours to get to sleep! It’s a for sure difference. She also uses it throughout the day to deal with stressful situations. (Especially great for Launch weeks!)

#2 Stress Away

Whoa dang! Brittany loves Stress Away too and uses it avidly! In fact, we haven’t met a single person that has tried Stress Away and hasn’t loved it! It’s a special blend that’s jam-packed with stress relieving oils. Alicia loves to mix this one with lavender for a little extra bye bye stress benefits and then make a roller bottle. Throughout the day she’ll roll it on her neck and wrists- it’s kind of perfect!

#3 Rose

Some people associate rose essential oil with anxiety only, and that can give it a bad name. To us though, it’s a mental health calming oil that helps us relax and think through tough situations with clarity! That’s a big boast, but that’s how we feel about it. We truly believe this oil should be in everyone’s cabinet- especially if you’re about to move your business!

#4 Vetiver

This essential oil will ground you so well you’ll be confused as to how that happened in the midst of a PCS! On the verge of a freakout? Vetiver is your oil. We use it when we feel ourselves getting worked up or upset- it immediately grounds us and gives us a way to get some perspective. An obvious must for PCS season.

#5 Ylang Ylang

This one is often used in recipes with Vetiver! They go so well together because Ylang Ylang is used to release anger. It’s considered a mood lifter and we couldn’t agree more! It will also give you a sense of energy- which we’ve never been mad about. We love mixing Ylang Ylang with Frankincense and Myrrh!

How Do They Work?

As a science-oriented person, Alicia was super skeptical at first! After doing a ton of research it became clear to her how effective essential oils can be at relieving stress for PCS and so so so many other conditions and moods. Basically, they are an extremely concentrated form of a plant. So whatever benefit that plant is known to provide the essential oil for it is potent and powerful. Remember way back in the day before chemicals? Medicine men used plants to cure disease. While she doesn’t personally think essential oils have that huge of a power, she does believe they are a magnifier and can reduce symptoms! (Everyone has their own opinion about that!)

Essential oils can reduce inflammation, improve circulation, aid in killing viral and bacterial infections, encourage healing at the cellular level, build immunity, and more.

In those ways, essential oils can be beneficial to everything from cancer to a common cold. They can also encourage skin healing and get rid of imperfections such as stretch marks!

Let Essential Oils Relieve Your PCS Stress.

Are you interested in getting started in oils?! Email us and let’s chat!

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  1. Elizabeth Weitz

    March 20th, 2018 at 11:54 am

    Ohh, thank you for sharing the different purposes of these oils. So helpful! I love the lavender oil the best.

  2. Olesya

    March 20th, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    What a great article! I always wanted to learn more about essential oils and uses for them.

  3. Alicia Yarrish

    March 20th, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    Thanks so much, Olesya! Essential oils are seriously THE best! If you want to chat more don’t hesitate to reach out! Brittany and me (Alicia, here!) love chatting about them!

  4. Meghan R

    March 20th, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    I love the smell of lavender! Good to know what the others can do — thanks for sharing!

  5. Jennifer M Outlaw

    March 21st, 2018 at 8:34 pm

    I have been hearing about essential oils EVERYWHERE but I haven’t bee paying too much attention. Thanks for writing this. I am definitely going to give a couple of this a try.

  6. Alicia Yarrish

    March 21st, 2018 at 10:16 pm

    I hope you do! I have a love hate relationship with them getting so popular. I adore that more lives are being touched, but hate that people think of them as a fad or the next big thing- they have been around forever and aren’t going anywhere!

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