ConvertKit Terms: Learn the Lingo of the Best Email Marketing Platform

ConvertKit Chronicles: Learn the Lingo

ConvertKit Chronicles: Learn the Lingo | Moi & Toi | Creative Small Business Coaching

Any time you get new ‘tech’ for your business there’s a learning curve. I wish there wasn’t- but that’s just how it is! Not to worry– we over at M&T love ConvertKit so much that we want to make your transition into it as easy as pie (because who doesn’t love pie?!).

To help with that? The lingo. Consider this post your ConvertKit dictionary, sorry Merriam.

ConvertKit Terms Made Easy

ConvertKit Forms:

A form is a template that potential subscribers are able to input their first name and email to in order to receive the Opt-In that you are promising.

There is no limit on how many forms you have. Each form houses 1 Opt-In usually.

Form Style: You are able to select the type of form appearance you want (Form Style), colors of the text and button, and add a photo if that goes with the design you selected. We love to embed ‘Naked’ Form Styles into our website!

Forms are what will get you started with ConvertKit! Don’t forget to name them so YOU know what they are. Your viewer does not see your name associated with the form they are subscribing to- phew!

ConvertKit Sequences:

A sequence is a series of emails that are automatically sent by ConvertKit. These. Are. So. Powerful! We cannot tell you the joy and happiness that Sequences bring us!

Just hit “+ Create A Sequence” under the Sequence tab to get started. Name your sequence, again your subscriber will not see your name so be sure it’s something that describes the sequence well.

The system is extremely intuitive- you write the first email that you would like your subscriber to see, “+ Add Email” to add more! Then select the number of days in between. So. Powerful.

We use Sequences for any ‘drip’ course content we’re delivering, our welcome or nurture sequence, launch emails, and challenges. We’re working on new ways to use this feature because it’s so good!

ConvertKit Broadcasts:

A broadcast is a one and done email to your subscriber list or part of your subscriber list.

A Broadcast is for one-off emails that don’t truly have follow up content that is related and trackable. We use Broadcasts for our newsletter, any one-time sales, and any spur of the moment emails we need to send!

Broadcasts are the most simplistic form of email marketing, but that isn’t bad! They definitely have their place and we utilize Broadcasts often!

A great feature about Broadcasts? You can split test your subject line! We definitely recommend using this feature to it’s fullest until you get a handle on what verbiage your audience resonates with.

ConvertKit Subscribers:

A list of people that have subscribed to your list in any way. These people have opted into a form or were added by you (with their permission of course). All of your Email List peeps will be here! Including the subscribers, you imported from a different provider if you made the switch. Within the Subscribers tab, you’ll notice there’s a lot going on. So let’s break it down!


Segments are essentially a folder to hold subscribers. You can specify forms or tags for the segment to hold. Think of a Segment as keeping like-minded people together- just like you would an email folder.

What is this useful for in practice? If we want to send out an email Broadcast to anyone who has ever shown interest in Pinterest here at M&T we can easily do that by selecting our “Pinterest” segment which includes all subscribers who have clicked on a Pinterest related blog post, all subscribers who opted onto our email list with a Pinterest related freebie, and all subscribers who have clicked on our Pinterest profile link.

What would we have to do if we didn’t have a “Pinterest Segment? We’d set up the Broadcast and individually select forms and tags to be applied. It’s just easier and more efficient to set up Segments for topics in your business that you address quite a bit!


Tags are a categorization method that attaches a few words to a subscriber to describe them. The tagging systems are endless! You can tag your subscribers however you see fit- there’s no wrong way. Well, the wrong way is to be unorganized and redundant- because that’s why we got ConvertKit in the first place- to be streamlined and efficient!

Our tagging system? Right away we tag people as Not a business owner, Side Hustle Business, Full-Time Business. This tells us a lot about the subscriber and what kind of content they will want to see right off! Just going to say it again- that’s powerful, #amiright!?

Other tags? When someone purchases a course, if they are in the nurture sequence, if they are in the newsletter if they have clicked certain links, if they are a one on one client. So many options!

ConvertKit Automations:

We saved the absolute best for last!

Automations have two parts: Visual Automations and Rules. Both accomplish the same thing- Automations are the steps you program ConvertKit to take regarding new and existing subscribers in order to get your desired content to them.

That may sound intimidating, but we promise it’s so not. Visual Automations make it nice and easy to create a funnel that you can see! This ensures you don’t skip a step. Not a visual person? Use rules! You can accomplish the same things.

Either way- you are telling ConvertKit what you want to do with your subscribers and what content you want them to get.

Let’s take the “Welcome Funnel” for example. We’re going to tell ConvertKit to do the following:

  • When a new subscriber subscribes to x, y, and z forms add them to the “Welcome Sequence” and add the tag “In Welcome Sequence”
  • When the subscriber has completed the “Welcome Sequence” remove the “In Welcome Sequence” tag and add the “Newsletter” tag

Easy! After your copy is written the actual implementation of a “Welcome Funnel” will take you 5 minutes and then you will never have to touch it again! Amazing!

ConvertKit in Your Business

Are you ready to make dolla dolla bills with your email list? Ready to ditch the “pretty” emails for something that’s proven to actually work? Ready to make easy automations so you know the right content is getting to the right people?

Vigorously nodding your head yes?

You’re ready for ConvertKit! Alicia got it for her business, Alicia Yarrish Photography, and it changed her life! Then Brittany signed up with Brittany Brooke Photography and she couldn’t be happier that she did. So of course we absolutely hands down use ConvertKit for Moi & Toi, our business we built together with YOU in mind. And we know you’re going to adore ConvertKit!

So now what? You’ve decided you need it ConvertKit!

We’d love to offer you 30 Days Free! If you’re making the move click that link pretty please, it’s an affiliate link and we’d love to be the ones ConvertKit thanks for showing you their awesome-ness.

Oh, and there’s more! Not only will you get 30 Days Free to make sure you’re a great fit and get the entire platform all set up before you start even paying (such a great opportunity!)… You can also request an Annual Payment Plan and reap even more rewards! Something to the tune of two months free- Yipee!

Ready to conquer your PCS?

Find out the 5 Perks of moving your business & how to leverage them for success!

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