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We’ve covered SEO mistakes your making and the easy fixes to get your blog on track. Now it’s time to talk SEO strategy for moving your business! Google can play a big role in seamlessly transitioning your business to a new location. It just takes a little bit of planning and ensuring your blog is […]

Leverage Your Blog for a New Location

April 11, 2018

Any time you get new ‘tech’ for your business there’s a learning curve. I wish there wasn’t- but that’s just how it is! Not to worry– we over at M&T love ConvertKit so much that we want to make your transition into it as easy as pie (because who doesn’t love pie?!). To help with […]

ConvertKit Chronicles: Learn the Lingo

March 21, 2018

Pinterest can play a huge role in getting your business to the level you want it to be at, a Business Pinterest Account can get you there even faster! Especially if you move frequently and want to carry your business with you. If you’re looking to re-locate your business, not restart it, Pinterest could be […]

Why You Need a Business Pinterest Account

March 7, 2018

You’ve seen the zillions of Facebook posts throughout business groups asking what business structure they should start out with. And subsequently, you’ve seen the bagillions of responses from creatives offering their opinions on the subject. While it might be helpful to hear of personal experiences with one business structure over another it can also be […]

How to structure your creative small business

February 7, 2018