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Why You Need a Business Pinterest Account

Pinterest can play a huge role in getting your business to the level you want it to be at, a Business Pinterest Account can get you there even faster! Especially if you move frequently and want to carry your business with you. If you’re looking to re-locate your business, not restart it, Pinterest could be a game changer for you! In case you missed it, read all about PCS & Pinterest Strategies.

Ok, so you know the important of having a Pinterest account and using it actively. Now you’re ready to learn all about having a Business Pinterest Account!

Why Should I get a Business Pinterest Account?

Most social media platforms have a ‘business’ counterpart. Facebook has Facebook Pages, Instagram has Business Accounts, and so does Pinterest! However, we think Pinterest’s is a little under utilized. Like the other business specific social media platforms, you have the opportunity to take the guess work out of your Pinterest strategy!

1. Get Analytics

In order to know what to capitalize on or what new strategies to implement you need to analyze what is working, and what’s not. You have Instagram Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Google Analytics… we know it can be a lot to keep track of! But do yourself a favor, get a tracker, and learn to love all the data!

Alicia is a total numbers person so she adores all this, but even if you hate it- learn to accept it, trust us, your business will thank you!

With your analytics you can see the following: average daily users, average daily pins, average monthly viewers, and average monthly engaged.

2. Verify Your Website

When you have a Business Pinterest Account you not only can see analytics from Pinterest as a platform, you also can take it a step further and get data about pins coming directly from your website!

It’s an easy step- simply go to your settings, business settings, and press “Claim my Website”. This will generate a small snippet of code that you place in the <head> section of your website.

This step is easy, but powerful! Don’t discount this extra analytic! And of course, this feature is only available with a Pinterest Business Account.

3. Advertising on Pinterest

We LOVE paid advertising! If we could only pick one platform to throw our dolla dolla bills at it would be Facebook, but Pinterest is a close second. You only have the option to “Promote Your Pins” if you have a business account! When you log in to your analytics, Pinterest will even tell you what you most popular pin is and ask you if you’d like to Promote it.

This is just another excellent way to boost traffic to your website where your ultimate goal should be to snag their email address, right? Right! (And obviously you should be providing your potential clients with something valuable in return!)

How to Leverage Business Pinterest Account Analytics

With all analytics, you should be tracking analytic trends. Look at a few months at a time or even one year and start associating your Business Pinterest Account analytics with your business activities. Step 1 is to get into the habit of using your social media tracker and spotting trends- the ups and the downs!

Now, get out your business calendar and compare it with the trends you’ve spotted! Don’t have a ‘Business Calendar’ yet? It may sound fancy, but it’s simply a list of all your big launches, blog posts, email marketing, etc. We plan out our business calendar a quarter at a time in detail and a year at a time with ‘the big stuff’. Take your ‘big stuff’ calendar and compare it to your Business Pinterest Account trends you’ve tracked. Notice anything?

Here’s an example: Did you post a ton of blogs in January and your Pinterest analytics went way high in February? That means you leveraged Pinterest well! If you’ve been consistently writing blog posts, but your Pinterest account isn’t gaining pins or views- you know there’s room for improvement!

Ready to Take Your Business Pinterest Account Strategy to the Next Level?!

We’re ready to help you!


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