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Grow Your Spirit & Stop the Burnout

Grow Your Entrepreneurial Spirit and Stop Burnout | Moi & Toi | Business Owner Burnout

The Myth Mindset Creative Small Business Owners Deal With

You’re a creative small business owner and you love being your own boss. You’re an entrepreneur and proud! Nothing is better than setting your own hours and being in complete control of how you schedule your day!

But being a one-woman show isn’t always easy and there are days where the thought of making another decision has you wanting to head back to bed.

Brittany here- I remember in the first years of my business, I felt like I was juggling chainsaws! There was no manual on how to be an entrepreneur. There was no checklist or easy start guide.

There was just a girl with a dream and a little bit of know-how and a whole lotta gumption!

As the years went on, I developed new strategies for dealing with burnout and always strive to keep my entrepreneurial spirit thriving!

So here’s the myth: That you’re supposed to have burnout and chainsaw juggling tendencies. Spoiler alert, you’re not. So get ready to say sayonara to small business owner burnout (and yes, it’s basically a medical condition!)

How You Can Break the Cycle of Busines Owner Burnout

Get Fearless

One of the best ways to grow your entrepreneurial spirit is to get fearless! Ironically, as we grow and become more business savvy, we tend to start approaching our business from a place of fear.

Things that we would’ve gone for when we didn’t know any better, we now start second-guessing. I want you to tap back into that headspace of your first year of business, where you didn’t know enough to be scared off because “things aren’t done that way.”

Schedule in Self Care

I don’t know about you, but one of the first things that falls to the wayside when focusing on my business is “me time.” We pour ourselves into our work and sacrifice valuable time that we’d normally spend showering (can I get a dry shampoo amen!?) to work on growing our business.

While there is a time and a place for hustle, you’ve also got to remember to take care of yourself. Something as simple as setting a water drinking goal or 5 minute morning mediation can help you feel refreshed and refocused on the job at hand!

Brainstorm it Up

Spend time actively imaging scenarios for your business. If you are fearful of someone rejecting your work, or hating their experience, walk through it in your mind and see what steps you can take to remedy the situation.

I tend to brainstorm “worst case scenarios” so I’m never caught off guard in my business. It sounds pessimistic but I promise you it’s actually a valuable tool that provides insight into how YOU think and feel. Plus it helps you work through any personal roadblocks you may have.

Find a Biz Bestie

One of the most valuable and underrated assets for an entrepreneur is having a business bestie! They are your go-to when it comes to needing a fresh set of eyes or a sounding board for your ideas.

You can only take your business so far alone! Having an outside perspective (that you can trust!) look in and see areas that you may miss is invaluable to boosting your entrepreneurial spirit! Seriously, put networking and building meaningful connection at the top of your list!

Get Creative

You’re a creative small business. You create something for your job! Now is the time to get yourself a new creative hobby.

One of the best ways that I’ve improved my own work as an artist was to sit down and work with a new medium. If you’re a photographer, try painting or pottery. If you’re a calligrapher, try photography or knitting.

There are so many fun and creative hobbies out there just waiting for you to try! Find something that revitalizes you and makes you eager to get to work again!

And STAY OUT, Business Owner Burnout!

Implementing these 5 strategies will definitely assist you in reining in that burnout! In fact- you may be surprised with how great you feel after making these things happen.

Just know, it’s easy for the burnout mindset to creep back in. Just like we keep having to wash our hair in between all the dry shampooing (why even is that!?) we have to keep up our tactics for preventing burnout!

Leave a comment and tell me how YOU handle small business owner burnout! We’re always looking to build to our list of ways!

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