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Any time you get new ‘tech’ for your business there’s a learning curve. I wish there wasn’t- but that’s just how it is! Not to worry– we over at M&T love ConvertKit so much that we want to make your transition into it as easy as pie (because who doesn’t love pie?!). To help with […]

ConvertKit Chronicles: Learn the Lingo

March 21, 2018

The Ideal, the Non-Ideal, and the Ugly If you’ve been in business for a hot minute, chances are you’ve heard the term “ideal client.” Creatives use the term to refer to a potential customer that meets all their demographic criteria. And I’m certain you’ve seen people say, “If they aren’t your ideal client, don’t take […]

When to Say YES to a “Not Ideal Client”

March 14, 2018

Pinterest can play a huge role in getting your business to the level you want it to be at, a Business Pinterest Account can get you there even faster! Especially if you move frequently and want to carry your business with you. If you’re looking to re-locate your business, not restart it, Pinterest could be […]

Why You Need a Business Pinterest Account

March 7, 2018

Brittany had a fear of success AND a skewed financial mindset. Her business had stunted growth until she addressed those issues and verbally (yes, out loud) called out her flawed thinking. Yep- that might be unpopular, but we said FLAWED! Alicia’s flawed mindset was over-educating and NOT implementing. She was stuck in a continuous education […]

5 Mindsets That Are Holding You Back From Success

February 28, 2018